RILA MONASTERY was founded in the l0th century by the hermit- monk Ioan Rilski (Saint) and his disciples. The Rila Monastery has been listed as a world monument of culture.The monastery is situated in Rila Mountain, 70 miles south-west of Sofia. Today this is Bulgaria's No 1 tourist attraction site. It seems to be engulfed by the holy spirit of Ioan Rilski who was worker of wonders curing sick people. Even Pope John Paul II, who was sick during his visit to Bulgaria in May, 2002 , visited the monastery for just several hours - after the visit he has quickly recovered from his illness so that he become able to continue with his visits around the world in an improved health condition.

The last bulgarian king Boriss-III, who ruled Bulgaria during WW2, was burried in the Rila monastery in September 1943.

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